In life you were a miracle
A blessing in disguise

Now that you are in God's hands
You're an angel in the skies.

Always you'd watch over us
To teach us wrong and right
Now you can watch over us
As we sleep at night.

Forever we will love you
And keep your memory alive
It hurts us so to lose you
But, together we'll get by.

The years that you devoted
All the love that you had given
The words of wisdom that you spoke
All the things that you'd forgiven.

Such a special Mom you are
You could never be replaced
Our love for you so strong and true
There's no one to take your place.

We know that you're in heaven now
And you watch us as we grieve
Even though we know you're doing better
We hate to see you leave.

But it's time to say good-bye for now
We pray to see you soon
Enjoy your time of peace right now
For God has pulled you through.

We pray that you'll come visit us
And we'll see you in our dreams
To tell you that we love you so
And to walk with you through the streams.

We promise to stay strong for you
And go on with our lives
As long as you watch over us
Our angel in the skies.

Poem Read at Mom's Funeral:

We send our love and thoughts with you
Until we meet again
For now we say good-bye to you
A wife, a mother, a grandmother, our friend.

 We love you MOM