My Dad was a simple man.

Read at Dad's Funeral


Our Family

The Farrell Family dedicates this site to the history and roots that make us all who we are. To Jim & Josephine Farrell we miss you and we will carry on your legacy.


Things Remembered

History of the Farrell Family Name:

Farrell, Farrill, Ferrall, Ferrell, Ferrill, and any of the O-prefixed (grandson or descendant of) versions of the preceding surnames are all modern spelling variations of the Celtic name Fhearghail (Valourous Man) of which Farrell is the most prevalentspelling by far throughout the world, thus the name for the clan.The Fhearghails can be traced to the area (formerly known as Annaly)in and around County Longford, Ireland. The Fhearghails were a very powerful family in central Ireland from the 11th to the 16th centuriesand remains of many of their castles can still be found today!The Farrells have been associated with this midland region(Co. Longford) for almost 1,000 years. The Farrells Clan lostits control of the area just over 300 years ago when theywere forced to take flight and lived abroad for 150 years ,before returning to an uncertain future, with the majority settlingin Longford and others settling elsewhere. Farrell's are presently very plentiful in the county, but the big numbers live elsewhere, mostly in Dulbin . . .

Angel In The Sky Josephine Farrell's Angel in the sky

This is a Poem read at Josephine Farrells funeral.