It’s not everyday that you meet a nice person
Someone you can love until the world ends

And it’s not everyday that that person leaves the world earlier than expected
But when this person does, we need to be prepared
Prepared to face the world without that nice person
Because that person is with us
In our hearts, minds, and soul
See, that person engraved their message into us
Weather its world peace, saving the environment or simply loving each other
They made sure we would remember them
Because everyone has to leave
Leave for the worst or leave for the best

 MAY 2011 ByPoem Read at Mom's Funeral: By: Mallory Linder

But before we go we have to make sure we will not be forgotten
And that’s what aunt Joe did
I will remember her
You will remember her
And even strangers will remember
It’s the simple presence when she walked into the room
That will never be repeated or felt again
It’s that same presence that will not be forgotten
So when we look back and wonder what she wanted us never to forget
We will remember that it’s simply to remember

Mallory Linder